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Stradus 505-70mW

Stradus® 505-70 View Datasheet


 Stradus 514-60mW

Stradus® 514-60 View Datasheet

Stradus® 514-100 View Datasheet


Stradus 532-40mW

Stradus® 532-40 View Datasheet


Stradus 561-50mW

Stradus® 561-50 View Datasheet 


The Stradus® 505 and 514 are direct diode, the Stradus® 532 is a DPSS, and the Stradus® 561 is a new technology.  They are all TEM00 lasers that offer the highest reliability and performance available today. The green lasers benefit greatly from the innovative sealed optics module that ensures long term power stability and longer life diode operation. The short term power stability is enhanced through the use of an external photo-detector with the 505nm and 514nm, and 561nm lasers – all lasers sources, beam shaping optics and power feedback loops are protected from the outside environment by being inside the sealed optical module. The long term power stability is enhanced through the use of the sealed optics module – ensuring that any contaminants that are generated from the electronics or the external operating environment do not affect the optics. Life test data for the green Stradus® lasers confirm a reliable device. 

 All Stradus® lasers can be operated directly by supplying 12 volts of DC power to the miniature D-connector on the rear of Stradus® laser head. The optional Remote Control Box, allows for the necessary CDRH Safety features such as keyed lock switch for on/off, interlock connections, as well as external laser emissions LED indicator. A user can connect a PC via the RS-232 connector on the Remote Control Box, or connect a PC directly to the Stradus® laser head via a USB cable to the mini-USB connector on the Stradus® laser head,

The user, through the use of any PC, can interface to the Stradus® laser through the user interface software that is supplied with each standard Stradus® Laser. The user interface allows for easy and efficient control of all laser functions as well as an effective monitoring display of key laser parameters (e.g., laser power, diode current, diode and base plate temperature).

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