Flow Cytometry

Flow cytometry and Cell Sorting has come a long way since Wolfgang Göhde invented the first fluorescence based system in 1968 at the University of Münster in Germany.  Since then flow cytometers have progressed from the large slow systems using gas lasers into very expensive, multi-wavelength, multi-assay, complex institutional systems. The last few years have seen systems now headed in the direction of single assay clinical applications which are less flexible but more economical with faster turnaround time for critical diagnostics.  The advancements of laser technology including the various colors of direct diodes (488nm and 532nm especially) are opening the door for highly advanced but simplified platforms that require cost effective solutions meeting performance demands, cost requirements, and long term reliability. 

The VersaLase™ system, the Stradus® laser, or the Stradus® Lite are optimal for the various platforms being utilized today and the flexibility of this platform lends itself to future designs.  The VersaLase™ system is a multi-wavelength and highly stable platform that is pre-aligned to a collinear beam or can be spatially separated depending on the application.  The single interface and ease of control along with the reliable beam output make it the perfect solution for a multi-channel system to reduce the cost of aligning various individual lasers during manufacturing.

The Stradus® Laser, with the wavelength flexibility of UV through the visible to the near IR, is the flexible platform to easily integrate multiple illumination wavelengths with the knowledge of a stable, reliable and low optical noise source for reliable fluorescence signal detection. 

The Stradus® Lite was specifically designed to meet the lower cost but equally demanding clinical flow cytometry market.  The laser is built using the reliable standard Stradus® laser technology but at ¼ the size and ½ the platform cost of the full size module.  It is the perfect solution to reduce costs while still having the performance required for reliable diagnostic data.


International Society for Advancement of Cytometry


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